The company "MELCON ENGINEERING" is an autonomous company of studies completely independent from commercial or constructional companies and provides services in all the phases of a project of electromechanical installations, like in the planning, application study, auctioning, construction supervision, completion of project etc.  
The main target of "MELCON ENGINEERING" is to provide high quality services to the following:
Studies, Supervisions and Consulting services for Electromechanical installations for Public and Private Projects like: buildings and groups of buildings, parking centers, commercial/shopping centers, infrastructure works and Road lighting, hospitals, hotels, museums, sports installations, harbour, airports etc. 
Studies, Supervisions Special Technology Projects like installations of optical fibre networks, data centres, computer rooms, cable TV, studies for circulation management and luminous indication, etc. 
Studies, Supervisions of Energy Systems like autonomous and interconnected Photovoltaic systems, solar systems for refrigeration - heating and production of hot water, systems of geothermics etc.  
Main target and objective of the company is the "satisfaction of the client" which is ensured with:  
  • The application of international standards and regulations 
  • High experience from providing services in a wide range of projects 
  • Applied modern technology 
  • Ultramodern equipment (hardware and software) 
  • The organised, private building installations 
  • Respect of timeschedules 
  • Minimalization of faults 
  • High level of services. 

isoΗ εταιρεία έχει έδρα in ATHENS και συγκεκριμένα:
Διεύθυνση: Κ. PALAMA 46, PC 17237, Dafni, Athens Tel.: +30 210 93 14 997 - 210 93 17 274 Fax: +30210 93 70 217
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