The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 international standard by June 2011 and maintains documented procedures for the operation and improve its services.

Applies a management system in accordance with the above standard for the following scope: Design, Planning, Supervision and Provision of Consulting Services in Electromechanical Projects.

The human potential of company is

  • Ordinary partners of mechanical & electrical engineers, actively participating:  two (2) individuals.  
  • Limited partners of mechanical & electrical engineers, actively participating: three (3) individuals. 
  • Associates Dipl. mechanical & electrical engineers: five (5) individuals. 
  • Associates mechanical & electrical engineers TE: two (2) individuals. 
  • Auxiliary personnel: two (2) individuals.  

The composition of the company is as follows:

Administration P. Argyros, X. Argyros
Quality control Manager P. Argyros
Department of Project Development & Marketing P. Argyros
Engineering Department
Engineers P. Argyros, A. Kouremenos, V. Karargiris, Ν. Ikonomou, P. Sassaris, Κ. Sotiropoulos, V. Veloni
Consulting services Department-Supervisions
Engineers P. Argyros, X. Argyros, Κ. Sotiropoulos
Administration Services Department
Secretary V. Veloni
Accounting manager G. Tzanetos

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