The staffing of the company is as follows:

Administratior  P. Argyros, X. Argyros
Quality Department  M. Manettou
Department of Development and Μarketing  P. Argyros
Secretariat  V. Veloni
Supplies Department (Computerisation)  P. Argyros
Accountant  G. Tzanetos


Department of Studies - Studies

Pantelis Argyros, Mechanical Electrical Engineer NTUA (1978)

Xaralampos Argyros, Electrical Engineer NTUA (1984)

Vasileios Karargyris, Mechanical Engineer (1998)

Nikolas Oikonomou, Mechanical Engineer(1998)

Emmanouil Karamolegkos, Civil Engineer (2005)

Panagiotis Sassaris, Mechanical Engineer (1997)

Axilleas Voitses, Electrical Engineer (2010)

Nikolaos Argyros, Mechanical Engineer (2012)

Hlias Argyros, Mechanical Engineer (2013)

Konstantinos Sotiropoulos, Mechanical Engineer ΤΕ (1995)

Varsamia Veloni, Electrical Engineer ΤΕ (1998)

Maria Fakalou, Civil Engineer (2014)


Department of Studies – Supervision - Consulting Services

Pantelis Argyros, Mechanical Electrical Engineer (1978)

Xaralampos Argyros, Electrical Engineer NTUA (1984)

Konstantinos Sotiropoulos, Mechanical Engineer ΤΕ (1995)

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