Configuration of squares - Outdoor spaces - Road arteries

  • Studies of lighting of the underpass nodes: a).Paleo Faliro b).Kifisias & Katehaki  c).Kimis & Vyzantiou
  • Configuration of free spaces of the settlement in Kamari, Santorini
  • Cavern of Lake of Kalavryta (Lighting-electrics)
  • Configuration of Traditional  Pedestrian Street in Kamari, Santorini
  • Configuration of 4 squares in the Municipality of Tavros 
  • Configuration and reformation of communal areas in the Municipality of Pallini
  • Infrastructure of the Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park (LTCP)
  • Extension of the Archeological Museum of Thiva and arrangement of the surrounding areas
  • Construction of project: Configuration of the SELEPITSARI hill
  • Construction of project: Reformation Ο.Τ. 342, between the streets Mantouvalou – P. Mela - Ν. Belogianni
  • Reformation of Historical Market of Asia Minors’ Centre (Water supply-irrigation-Electrics) Municipality of N. Erythraia
  • Configuration of entrance and surrounding area of the Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park (LTCP)
  • Completed cable system VOICE-DATA of the Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park (LTCP)
  • Reformations of communal areas Municipality of Andravida-Main Square
  • Reformations of communal areas at the Municipality of Andravida -Configuration of Pavements at the Old Highway
  • Improvement of the Road Airport-Mesaria and its’ lighting 
  • Unit of mechanic screening and composting and sanitary burial of wastes in Korakia – Cape of  Chania. 
  • Reformation of Megalochori square and Construction of refreshments’ kiosk
  • Additional works in the Harbour of Katakolo (Extension and Widening Central Jetty)
  • Reformation between the old and the new harbour from the Trion Navarchon str, until the Papaflessa str. – subproject 2 : Groundfloor group of buildings and configuration of surrounding area at the south entrance of the Harbour of Patras 
  • Widening of the National Highway Rhodes – Lindos from Faliraki to Lindos 
  • Reformation of the Pedion of Areos

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